Please inspect your order within 7 days of receiving it, and contact us if there is a problem. Your fabric must be unwashed and uncut. We are unable to cover any fabric that has been washed and/or cut before we are contacted. 


We do not cover any issues (fading, colour bleeding, shrinkage, etc) after a fabric has been washed. There are too many variables to consider, which include but are not limited to: detergent, water type, water temperature, washer type, washer cycle used, residue in washer, loads washed beforehand, load size, amount of water used, etc.  If there is a known issue, we will work to resolved that.

Please keep in mind cotton is a natural fabric, and does will not hold dye over time as well as a synthetic fabric will. A careful wash routine will prolong the life of cotton fabrics.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you do have an issue, so we can figure out if multiple people are having the same issues.

Recommended wash routine:

Wash in cold water, with detergent added to washer while it's filling with water, before the fabric is added. Wash on gentle cycle with plenty of water. Too large a load, not enough water, or too harsh of a cycle can cause friction, which will cause the fabrics to fade and colours to bleed more easily. We also recommend using a colour catcher when washing brand new fabrics. Only wash like colours together. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Hang to dry, or tumble dry on low.

Black/Dark Digitally Printed Fabrics: 

Extra care must be taken with dark digitally printed fabrics to reduce fading. Handwashing and hanging to dry will prolong the life of the darker colours. 

They WILL fade faster if washed in a traditional machine and dried in a dryer. 


We do not cover insignificant flaws which include but are not limited to: small flecks, smudges, or anything smaller than a quarter.  With custom knits, it is considered normal to have flaws within 5 inches of each selvage edges.

If you do receive fabric with a significant flaw, please be sure to measure the yardage (unwashed), as often I will include flaws as additional yardage to your order, rather than the fabric going to waste.


We do not accept returns on cut fabric. Other items may be returned with in 14 days of the purchase, as long as they are unused and unopened. Buyer is responsible for paying the return shipping, other than in the case of a manufacturers defect or if you have received the wrong item.

Refunds will be processed once the returned items have been inspected.


Cancelling any in-stock orders is subject to a 10% restocking fee. Once an order is cut, we will not accept cancellations. 

Cancellations will also result in a strike, two strikes will mean removal from our Facebook group.

Rewards points codes used on cancelled orders cannot be reissued. 

We cannot accept cancellations for pre-ordered fabric. The quantities we order from our supplies are based on how much is pre-ordered. Our timelines are only estimates, and we work our hardest to get your fabric to you in a timely fashion. Rarely there are circumstances out of our control that cause delays. Please join our Facebook group, The Fabric Snob Insiders, for the most up to date news.  However, if we are able to find someone to pickup the yardage from your order, we are able to issue you a refund. 

Pricing Errors:
We reserve the right to cancel any orders with pricing errors. 

Out Of Stock Products: Occasionally, an item you purchase may be out of stock. You will be given the option of a refund, or replacement. If you chose to replace with an item of greater value, you will be responsible for the difference in cost.  During clearance sales: Out of stock products will be automatically refunded without prior notification. 

Fat Halves/Quarters: We do not cut fat halves or fat quarters at request. They are only available during pre-orders, or in pre-cut pieces/bundles

EMT Payments: Payments are due in 24 hrs. Unpaid orders will be cancelled. 

Discount Codes:

Coupon codes MUST be used at checkout. We cannot apply codes to orders if they were not used at checkout, so be sure to enter them if you want to participate in the sale. 

All EverSewn sewing machines & pre-orders are excluded from most discount codes & sales. 

Privacy Policy: 

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