Fall For Free Terms & Conditions

The promotion runs from October 3rd to 12th. 

One day will be mathematically calculated as the winner. The daily average sale will be calculated, and the day closest to that average, without going over will be the winner. Winning day will be announced on October 13th. 

Cannot be combined with discount codes or rewards points. Use of these codes will disqualify your order from the promotion. 

Only products are eligible to be won for free, shipping is not included in the promotion.  

Online Credit Card & Paypal payments: Get a 10% bonus if you choose to get your prize back on a Snob Cash gift card! 
E-Transfer Payments & In-Store Payments - You will receive your prize back on a Snob Cash gift card. 

In-store customers must us an account for the purchase to be eligible for the promotion. 

We reserve the right to disqualify any orders or participants we deem necessary.