Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan

All individuals, regardless of race, gender, culture, ability, sexuality, religion, identity, size, and experience deserve equal treatment and freedom.

We believe actions are more powerful than words. 

Things we are doing: 

1. Educating ourselves. Information and resources are freely shared amongst the team and everyone is strongly encouraged to continue to grow their understanding. 

2. Educating others. We are using our platform to raise awareness and share resources. 

3. Donating 1% of our profits. Snob Love is our program where we donate a portion of our proceeds to a different non-profit each month. The organizations are chosen by family, friends and team members focusing on local causes and helping marginalized communities. 

4. Fostering team diversity. We believe in casting as wide of a net as possible during our hiring process to make the jobs accessible to all. We work on unpacking our unconscious biases to ensure everyone is given a fair chance. All team members are given a voice and their feedback is valued. 

5. Creating an inclusive environment. We ensure our public spaces are accessible, inclusive and family friendly. We provide our team with enough fabric for a wide variety of makes and encourage creativity. 

6. Avoiding cultural appropriation in our products. We actively educate ourselves to ensure the prints and products we are bringing in are created by individuals of that culture. 

What we are working on: 

1. Donating our time. Finding local causes that are in need of volunteers and providing the time for our team to do it. 

2. Education. Pursuing a diversity and inclusion training program for all team members. 

3. Recognizing important days. Working with our team to ensure we are raising awareness for significant days. 

4. Compiling resources. Creating a library of education resources such as books, podcasts, audiobooks, online articles and more that is accessible to all team members

Your opinions and views are important to us. If you feel there is anything that should be touched on, or any thought you would like to share, please email us at info@thefabricsnob.com

This page was created in June 2021. 
It was last updated June 24th, 2021.