Fall For Free Terms & Conditions

October 1-10th, 2020

Eligible orders placed from October1-10th have the chance to win their entire order for for free. At the end of the promotional period, we will determine the winning day, and all eligible orders on that day will get their order for free! 

Full price retail orders only. Pre-orders are not eligible for the Fall for Free promotion. The use of any discount code or rewards points will disqualify that order from the Fall for Free promotion. 

We CANNOT cancel any previous orders. New orders only are applicable for this promotion. 

Determining the winning day:
The winning day will be calculated by the day that is closest to the average daily sales of eligible orders during the promotion. 

Refunds for winners:
Credit Card and PayPal orders will be refunded. Winning orders paid by EMT will receive Snob Cash in lieu of a refund. 

The Fabric Snob reserves any and all rights to disqualify anyone and any order from the promotion as they see fit.