Snob Love

Each month, The Fabric Snob donates 1% of all sales to a non-profit charitable cause.


October's charity is Northern Beginnings/One Plane Away

From the organization:

32% of Nunavut’s population is under the age of 14; this is almost twice as high as Ontario and is the highest percentage in Canada. The birth rate in Nunavut continues to grow at a faster rate than any other Canadian province or territory.

Unfortunately, some of the most significant issues in Nunavut for some of these infants and children are food insecurity and poor nutrition, overcrowded housing, and poverty.

Our primary objective is to support Nunavut infants and children in need by giving them clothing and supplies that are often unavailable or unattainable.

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November 2021: Winnipeg Christmas Cheer Board


September 2021: Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

August 2021 : STARS Air Ambulance

July 2021 : The Trevor Project

June's charity: The Legacy of Hope